D&G Orient! Top scorers

D&G ORIENT was established in 2008 and is currently situated in Manenberg; Sherwood Park affiliated to the Manenberg Football Association. We draw our membership mainly from the Manenberg and Sherwood Park areas in both the junior (19 years and younger) and senior (over 19 years) divisions.

The main objective of our club has since inception been to be a community club that provides an alternative to social ills such as gangsterism and criminal behaviour to the youth. The club recognises the power of football as an outreach tool to young people who experience hardship as a matter of course in their daily lives.

Reaching Out.


Club meets are convened, on behalf of the Club, by members to do so on an entirely non-commercial basis. Most of these members are not professional mountain guides, and any who are, act in their private capacities in this context. There should be no expectation that a professional guiding service is offered offer to you on a daily rate. The kids thoroughly enjoy these outings in the mountains on a full day or 3 day over weekends and some of them are regular attendees.

Outreach Program in Drum line and Marching Show Bands

The Ashwin Willemse Orient Group section has had an outreach program ongoing for many years, the first project was done in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and been sign off by the Ministry and there are currently eight outreach program every year , like indoor and outdoor. The aim of the program is to sensitise under-privileged children to environmental issues and to bring some joy and happiness to their often-harsh lives. We also hope that some of these children will become members of the WCMBA and the SAWBC when they become adults.

Big Walk

Join The Orient Group at the yearly Big Walk ! Join the fun and take part in the Big Walk, to be held annual. Brought to you with the compliments of Ashwin Willemse Orient Group! First 1000 entries only.